EasyBill Online

Use this portal for reconciliation, off boarding, and billing information

Easybill Online

MyBenefits Site

Used for employees to see their benefits, place a claim, and follow the claims process

MyBenefits Site

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Use this portal for reconciliation, off boarding, and billing information

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EasyBill Online & 5 Star

For billing, remittance, and deduction reports. Here you may also remove employees from your group. Call for assistance 1-800-387-4137. To contact Allstate Benefits Billing directly, email


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MyBenefits is the portal used by employees to learn about their specific benefits. An employee may also submit a claim on this site as well as view the progress of an existing claim. If you find your employees need help with the site, no worries we are here to assist. Have them call us directly. 1-800-387-4137

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Value Driven Benefits (pdf)

HR only EyeMed Instructions (pdf)

HR for EyeMed

 Vision- You may receive vision cards for your employees if you have offered a group vision plan. Your employees may also print a card directly by going to www.eyemedvisioncare.com to register their account. For more, see the downloadable PDF above.

HR for Dental

 Dental- Employees may either receive an electronic delivery or a paper delivery of an insurance card. Guardian Dental Guard PPO network may be offered in your group. To find providers go to: https://www.guardiananytime.com/fpapp/FPWeb/home.process

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