Attract the best talent, keep morale high and retain great employees. Here at PayPros we are excited to introduce to you real solutions that can help improve employee satisfaction.


While 80% of employees desired additional benefits compared to a pay increase, 54% of new job applicants stated that they placed heavy consideration on health benefits when looking for a new career. An additional 36% said it was something they gave moderate consideration. In contrast, among desired benefits over increased pay, perks such as student loan or tuition assistance fell drastically landing in the mid 40% desirability factor. Infact, less than 25% gave this perk heavy consideration when looking for new employment.

Consider the impact of the following now made available through PayPros:

First, large group health options and pricing are being made available in the small to medium group size settings. With no minimum participation requirements, you can now participate in pricing structured for companies with 1000+ employees. Group Voluntary Benefits such as coverage for accidents, heart attack, and even stroke.

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Second, because of the large group settings available to you, many products may be offered on a guarantee issue basis for you and your staff. This means little or even no health questions required. Through the value added in strategic alliances, guarantee issue products may be offered to groups as small as 5 employees instead of the traditional 100+ employee requirement.

Third, keep morale high. It is a well known and proven fact that production drops when an employee is worried about lost income due to an illness or accident. So when an employee is displaced from work for any reason, who is going to replace the lost pay while addressing medical bills? There are affordable options to help offset these types of production setbacks.

See some examples of products that may be made available to your organization to help increase retention, lift morale or even attract better talent.


Why Supplemental Benefits

  1. Added Benefits– Enhance company benefits at No Cost to the employer, helps level the benefits playing field with larger companies.
  2. Wellness Benefits– Cash Benefits paid directly to policyholders for preventive care and wellness screenings.
  3. Freedom of Choice– Employees elect coverage that address their specific areas of concern to protect themselves and their families. People are most interested in benefits they can see themselves using.
  4. Impact Bottom Line– Many Voluntary Benefits can be deducted pre-tax, therefore, offering a positive impact to the bottom line for both the employer and employee.
  5. Improve Employee Morale– Employees will appreciate having access to additional benefits through the convenience of payroll deduction. When an illness or injury occurs, employees will have peace of mind as these programs will keep them financially afloat.
  6. Attraction & Retention– Benefits are at the top of the list for reasons why employees join or depart a company. Voluntary benefits are similar to a magnet in drawing and retaining quality talent, usually at a guarantee-issue and at lower premiums.

Engender A Positive Employer/Employee Outlook

Be the Hero! Simply offering the option of supplemental benefits in your organization increases the employee to employer value. Once any employee realizes the value of any products, it will become an important part of the company’s value proposition to your employees.

  1. Offering Benefits Engenders a positive employer/employee relationship.
  2. Keep valued employees longer by offering supplemental benefits.
  3. As an employer you may choose to participate in cost sharing that increases the value to the employee. Low cost high moral benefit.

Tailoring Product Selection To Your Business

Through PayPros, each employer may select their own products to offer while utilizing the benefits of a large group rate.  From 24 Hour Accident to a Critical Illness plan, you are able to choose your personalized product offering.

  1. Meeting Participation.  No need for minimum participation requirements.  Through the PayPros, you are able to participate at will.
  2. Employee Pricing is greatly reduced through the value of PayPros offering these benefits to all businesses.
  3. Product Selection.  Each employer may choose their product offering based upon the needs of that employers situation.  An employer may change product offering annually as desired.

Reconciliation and Employee Claims

The Claims Process

PayPros will have a designated Claims/HR liaison. Should claims arise, and they will, simply call the experts at Benefits Insurance Group. An employee can track a claim, and see payment processing online. Employees may see the products they currently have as well. Ease of management is the name of the game.

Reconciliation Reports

Allstate provides a simple reconciliation online tool. Terminating an employee is easily managed at the click of the mouse. Billing is done post employee deduction and is recalculated on the next billing cycle showing the amount of the adjustment.

Questions and Contacts

While 1-800-521-3535 is the 24 hour dedicated line for Allstate, questions can be answered Mon-Fri directly through Benefits Insurance Group staff.


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